Sunday, April 22, 2007

Official 2008 Presidential Endorsement

In looking at all of the available candidates for President in 2008, I've finally whittled my way down to my official '08 endorsements (for which I know the cavalcade of press has fervently been waiting) .

For the 2008 United States of America Presidential Election, I officially endorse the ticket of General George Washington as President and Ronald Reagan as Vice President:

For a short time I considered a Reagan/Lincoln ticket, but as wonderful as Lincoln was, I really thought that Washington should very much be a part of the picture, being that he was both the man and the President to which all should aspire.

Now, there is also the possibility of a Washington/Lincoln ticket, but I cannot forego the embodiment of Conservativism that Reagan represents and that this country currently needs so deeply.

So, yes, I was torn, but the message was clear - we need leadership (which we do not have); we need a clear message (which we do not have); we need Constitutionalism (which we REALLY do not have); and we need a sense of national pride based upon that which the country was created (which we do not have). Solidly backing a Washington/Reagan ticket will indeed get us where we need to be.

What? They're both dead you say? So what? Frankly, I would rather have the course of this country based upon pondering "What would Washington do?" and/or "What would Reagan do?" than any kind of real ticket looming out there about to rear its ugly head later this year.

Donations for this ticket are heartily accepted.
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