Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Little AirCard 595U Tech Support

As mentioned in my previous post, I just received a new wifi broadband card. The AirCard 595U. It's a fine card, but I had some initial trouble getting the software installed for sprint and just wanted to throw out the solution in case my one reader ever has the same issue.

I'm running Vista Ultimate 32-bit on my laptop. On both the CD that came with the card, as well as after downloading the appropriate version from sprint, I kept getting the curious error:
internal error 2753 - coinstaller.dll
After doing some digging I realized that the installation file you run extracts an MSI file to (in this case) c:\windows\sierrawireless3.5.4\SWISCMDO.msi.

Now, if you know anything about Vista, right out of the box it has some mostly annoying permissions issues, even if you're signed on as administrator (don't be signed on as administrator, ok?). "c:\windows" is a pretty important directory, so I thought maybe, just maybe this weird error was just a permissions error and Vista was just having trouble telling me that.

So I moved the folder (sierrawireless3.5.4) to my Documents directory and then ran SWISCMDO.msi manually. VoilĂ ! It runs just fine!
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