Monday, March 03, 2008

More Global "Warming" News You Won't See (Unless You're My One Reader)

While bilge-spewing groups like National Geographic eruct fear-mongering junk like "Six Degrees Could Change the World", and that junk is advertised on other networks, facts to the contrary are ignored.

What facts? Oh, you know, insignificant facts like the one that says that all 4 major global temperature trackers recorded the "single fastest temperature change ever recorded, either up or down" - and it was down. Thus almost erasing the last 100 years worth of warming in one single year. Certainly this should at the very least cause man-made global warming kooks at least to question their position? Alas, I think not, otherwise they probably wouldn't be kooks.

Now, I'm one of those conservatives that still holds out on the whole issue - i.e. I'm not 100% convinced that changes in global (as opposed to local) temperatures are not affected by man. That decision is based on the fact that there is credible evidence on both sides (though way too many crackpots as well). However, logic and my gut (and to me the quality of the arguments/evidence) tell me that most likely any change in termperature, up or down, is not caused by us (to me, most plausibly, the culprit is the sun).

With information advances so enormous, I truly believe that so many folks just don't realize how big - and powerful - the world is anymore. They also do not realize how hard it is for us to affect things to the degree held by pro man-made global warming "enthusiasts". (Mother nature routinely kicks our ass handily).

What infuriates me is the notion that the "man-made" part is a foregone conclusion, despite any evidence to the contrary. (And, anecdotally speaking, it seems that any evidence to the contrary is twisted also to be the result of man-made global warming. So that if it's cold, it's global warming; warm, it's global warming; no hurricanes, it's global warming; many hurricanes, it's global warming, etc.).

So I will assume that this report, as significant as it is within the context of evidence and debate on the issue, will go unmentioned by most of the proponents of man-made global warming. Bleah.

[Update 03/04/08] Here's another link to some relevant stuff. For those of you knee-jerkers out there, pretend it's not Fox News and just try reading it objectively.
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